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​Our Story


My name is John Vandygriff. I was born and raised in the plains of the Texas panhandle near Lubbock, Texas. My childhood was ideal and I was fortunate to go to high school and then college during the 80's. That's right, the best music, the wildest parties, and I was that guy who had pizza delivered to class my senior year. I was even luckier to eventually marry my high school sweetheart, Christie, and raise five children with her.

My goal with this family web site is to not only tell my personal story to my children but to help other family members tell their story as well. I also want to share the history of the family name which can be traced from the Netherlands in 1535 to New Amsterdam in New York around 1650. Our family witnessed the birth of the United States of America and has an amazing history that can be traced from the northeast to the south and eventually west. 

As much as pictures can tell a story, video is better. And I would like to collect video of my family talking about their memories and telling those stories before they are lost forever. And I accept the responsibility of being first and setting the example for others.

Soon, I will post some videos of me commenting on photos from childhood. And I hope to blackmail my wife in doing a video of her and I telling our story in a "When Harry Met Sally" format. That should be fun. She has a great sense of humor - she married me, didn't she?  


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